Learning / Resources

Explore 50 years of groundbreaking contemporary art with our resources for teachers and students at all levels of learning.

Education Kits

Comprehensive learning resources

Stages 4-6

Our free downloadable education kits provide a comprehensive insight into key Kaldor Public Art Projects from our 50-year history, from Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Wrapped Coast (1969) through to the present.

Each kit comprises an overview of the project, and detailed insights into the artist’s practice and conceptual framework. Focus questions, glossaries and engaging classroom activities are included to stimulate discussion and critical thinking by students, and to lead to a deeper investigation of the issues raised.

Available online as free downloadable PDF files. Full-colour print copies of selected kits are available, free of charge for students and teachers. Contact our education team for more information: lleah@kaldorartprojects.org.au

Fact Sheets

Projects at a glance

Stages 2-6

Our fact sheets provide students and teachers with a brief overview of each Kaldor Public Art Project from our 50-year history, from Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Wrapped Coast (1969) through to the present.

Each fact sheet includes a project overview, and key information on the artist, site, materials and development of the work, illustrated with eye-catching photographs.

The resources are designed to be quick to download and print for use in the classroom, and can be easily integrated into existing units of study.

Teena Takes On...

A playful introduction to Kaldor Public Art Projects

Stages 1-4

Join Australian artist David Capra and his much-loved dog, Teena, as they introduce key ideas, themes and materials from past Kaldor Public Art Projects, in this whimsical and engaging series of short videos. Explore the possibilities of public art, and look out for Teena’s tips on how to create a bold and innovative public art work in your own local environment.

This series was produced as part of our exciting pilot program for primary and secondary students, Your Public Art Project, and will soon be made available online, free of charge for students, teachers and wider audiences. Stay tuned!